Fast paperless credits for companies

Access to a fast and paperless credit can become impossible, when the documentation of backups requested by the financial entity becomes an endless process, even worse, if it is a bank with its characteristic waiting periods and endless queues.

Fast and paperless loan

Fast and paperless loan

Since money can be decisive for the future of a small business, fast paperless loans, also known as fast payroll loans, emerge as a saving solution.

With this credit modality, the entrepreneur can apply for paperless loans, with the assurance that the money will be deposited in his bank account, through an agile and fast procedure.

Thus, without major complications, you can get the money you need to:

  • Financing projects with immediate return on investment.
  • Remodeling or extension of locations.
  • Marketing campaings.
  • Seasonal hiring
  • Availability of inventory.
  • Financing of high impact projects.
  • Expansion to new locations.
  • Acquisition of equipment and large-scale inventory.
  • Development of new project.
  • Roster
  • Day to day operations
  • Debt consolidation.
  • Hire more staff
  • Short-term cash flow management.
  • Expand operations, buy equipment, pay bills or any other commercial use. Any other business need.

No mortgage guarantees and no paperwork?

No mortgage guarantees and no paperwork?

Yes. The key is that we rely on the performance of the business and not on the credit history of the person. We understand the importance of having money in a timely manner, to meet the immediate needs of a business with potential.

Fill out the form that we include on our website right now and a finance specialist will respond, via email, between 15 and 30 minutes after you have submitted the application. In FUNDS we are your trusted ally.

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