Preferential student loan – how, where and when.

Education loan

Do you obtain knowledge at the university, are usually no more than 25 years old plus need money to support your self? Get a student loan whose rate of interest is very low and payback is not too burdensome. You might have until November 15 in order to submit the documents

Studying is connected with costs, even if it takes to put on a full-time basis. Luckily, for 14 years today, children can help themselves having a loan partly financed from the government, which, unlike various other state forms of assistance (e. g. Families on their own), pays off. Mainly because it is an inexpensive loan. Its interest rate happens to be 2 . 5 percent. (two years back it was even lower — 1 . 87 percent), as the average interest on credit for households is almost 6 times higher and quantities to 14. 6 %. (NBP data).




The support has been intended for students of all settings and types of universities who began their education before the regarding 25. You can currently obtain a preferential student loan in 4 banks.

In the past, the list associated with institutions participating in the program had been more than twice as long, yet later other entities withdrew from it. The project, however, is coordinated by Financial institution, subsidizing interest until the named beneficiary starts repayment and funding the loan in the event of the cancellation.

Schedules and documents

Dates and documents


In addition to the software, students applying for a give subsidized by the state should submit a certificate from your university about being a college student and information on income for each person in the family verified by the tax office.

Those interested have got until November 15 this season. In December, the Minister associated with Science and Higher Education, right after analyzing the submitted programs, will provide the maximum level of earnings entitling them to receive support. In the last two academic yrs, this threshold was second . 1 thousand. PLN internet.

By Feb 15, 2013, banks evaluate loan collateral (people economic difficulties may receive a BGK surety of 70 or even 100% of the loan amount). If you refuse, you can publish documents to another institution simply by February 28, 2013. The particular contract is signed till March 31, 2013, as well as the payment – including payment from October – starts in April.

Every month, for a maximum of 6 years (PhD students: for four) the named beneficiary is paid PLN six hundred. The condition for receiving following tranches is to present a legitimate student ID in the financial institution by March 31 plus October 31 of each educational year.

Given that 1998, 324 thousand have got benefited from the preferential mortgage. persons who were paid an overall total of 4. 6 billion dollars PLN. Banks rejected each third application at that time.


Repayment and redemption

Repayment and redemption


Pay back begins two years after causing education and lasts two times as long as the loan time period. For example: if the tranches had been transferred to us for fifty months, we will pay your debt for 100 months. On the student’s request, the pay back period can be shortened (banks do not charge any commission payment for this). In the event of dropping student status before the deadline day set in the study schedule, your debt must start to be compensated from the month following the truth, and the interest rate will then end up being not half, but 3/4 of the rediscount rate from the NBP bills of a swap. Currently it would be 3. 75% instead of 2 . 5.

The attractiveness from the state subsidized student loan can also be expressed in the possibility of the total or partial (20%) cancellation. The first option is perfect for people in a difficult existence situation, the second – if you are among 5 percent. best graduates. To date, 16. 5 thousands of have exercised the payoff option. of the program beneficiaries, BGK completely financed the particular loan for 3, 748 people, while the rest “donated” 1/5 of the debt to get the best academic performance.


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