The Millenianls Generation before mortgage loans

The Millenianls generation is very important to mortgage loans. Appreciating that at least 46% of those over 30 are inclined to apply for a mortgage loan.

Although they are people who are more inclined to live without commitments than tie them, they are uncomplicated. They do not think about marriage much less in having children, and most in buying housing. They are delivered to technology, so it is boring to line up in banks.

Offend! The traditional way in which banks present products and services with confusing and boring language. In an interview with Millennials, 70% of respondents say they are interested in the financial sector. But in a clear way, with a current image, family atmosphere or friendship, with innovation in technology.

Millenianls generation’s vision of the mortgage loan

Millenianls generation

Taking into account the above, we see the other side of the coin. Where, almost half of the Millenianls, if you are worrying about investing in the purchase of housing. Beyond having children, or living in one place, or much more successful in the pension. They are thinking of a future that provides them with security as heritage.

It is shown that the generation between 1981 and 1999, are felt. Above all, those from 31 to 38 years of age are increasing statistics on the subject of mortgage loans. This is due to the participation in the mortgage portfolio with a decrease in delinquency. Then, you can think that Millenianls are responsible!

Not only with their financial obligations, but also with the environment, because the technological field keeps them informed.

The Millenianls generation before the banks

The Millenianls generation before the banks

In addition, the incursion in mortgage loans. Another type of credit that covers the project needs in the creation of a company is striking. With low costs for commissions, fees, driving fees and others. They want financial institutions that direct their gaze to the online and virtual part.

Products and services that go hand in hand with your thinking, biblically speaking ” in your image and likeness. ” Finally I leave some interesting sections about this generation, also called “Y”.

“80 million Millenianls Americans are prepared to transform banks forever. This unique generation is now the fastest growing segment of customers in the inland banking industry.

Millennials present a unique opportunity in a generation for the community bank to show how they understand, value and embrace this new generation. ”

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